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Digging into the Data: The Power of Structured Interviews

Everyone interviews. But are those interviews living up to their true potential?

About The Webinar

A groundbreaking new research report sheds light on the powerful ways that structured interviews make the hiring process faster, fairer, and more effective. 

The report, which was released by Lighthouse Research & Advisory in collaboration with Criteria, surveys 500 employers and 500 candidates to learn more about how structured interviews impact the hiring landscape.

Join Ben Eubanks from Lighthouse Research & Advisory, and Josh Millet, CEO of Criteria as they discuss the findings from the research report.

Watch to learn:

Uncover surprising statistics about structured interviews 
Discuss the findings around how candidates feel about hiring
Bust some of the most common myths around structured interviews
Explore actionable ways HR leaders can incorporate these insights into their own processes





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Ben Eubanks

Chief Research Officer


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Excited for another #webinar! @miru always has loads of great info packed into webinars.

Josh Millet


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